From 29 August – 10 October 2015 BILLY CHAINSAW is part of the ON PAPER exhibition at the LUCY BELL GALLERY, 46 Norman Road, St. Leonard’s-on-Sea, East Sussex TN38 0EJ.

Curated by Jeffrey Louis Reed (aka Jeffrey Disastronaut), it includes over 30 exclusive new artworks by BILLY CHAINSAW, including a piece celebrating one of nearby Hasting’s most infamous ex-residents, Aleister Crowley – MAGUS RISING: OVER HASTINGS – REDUX (pictured).

Also on show is work by Oska Lappin, Rebecca Youssefi, Maslen Mehra, Danny Pockets, Alan Rankle, Cat Roissetter, Anders Moseholm, Mick Williamson, Vanya Balogh, Petri Ala-Maunus, Bella Land, Beverly Carter, Jason Williams, Charlotte Snook, Danny Mooney, Benja, Adrienne Hunter, Per Fronth, Shuby, Lester Magoogan, Disastronaut, Bent Holstein, Charlotte CHW, Jilliene Sellner, Catherine Balet, Anne Brenner, Judith Burrows, David Apps, The Connor Brothers, Petri Ala Maunus, Judy Parkinson, Kirsten Reynolds, Caroline Le Breton, Zoe Wheatley, Colin Gibson, and Lynne Bingham.

LUCY BELL GALLERY: 46 Norman Road, St. Leonard’s-on-Sea,

East Sussex TN38 0EJ

Tel: 01424 434828


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